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The recording industry has changed. The current landscape is almost unrecognisable from that of ten years ago. On one side, record label recording budgets have all but disappeared. On the other, everyone and their dog can now record to a reasonable standard at home.

Many studios have reacted to the growing instability by re-inventing themselves, fluffing up their service list, or trying too hard to be something other than what they really are. Underworld is different, this studio (note the singular, not the plural) relies solely on the core values of quality, consistency, and the kind of expertise which can only be gained through two decades worth of experience.

The origins of Underworld go right back to 1992. The studio has grown organically year by year since and has a rich heritage in terms of recorded output. Located in the very heart of Glasgow city centre, Underworld's extensive credit list covers the musical spectrum, from independent to major labels, television to film, radio networks, video games, new media and beyond.

Underworld has a particularly potent equipment list. In the past 20 years i have painstakingly collected some of the most sought after, high-end, vintage and esoteric pieces of recording equipment and instruments ever made. From classic analogue synthesisers such as the EDP Wasp or the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 to quirky one-off pieces of outboard including the limited edition Thermionic Culture Vulture and Amy Winehouse's actual vocal compressor. All of this is married to a cutting edge front end with ultra-detailed monitoring.

Things will continue to change for artists, bands and labels, but the ethos of Underworld as a studio will remain the same - originality, authenticity, and the provision of a unique service for all clients. If you care about your music, and want to achieve something which isn't possible elsewhere, Underworld is the studio for you.

All rates are project specific. Please e-mail for further details.